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Caroline Maguire
Executive Function, ADHD and Social Skills Coach
Director of the Fundamentals of ADHD Coaching for Families at
ADD Coach Academy

A passionate personal coach, author, teacher, and speaker whose work has inspired important conversations about social skills at elementary and middle schools and in homes all across the country, Caroline Maguire believes all children can shine. Her work is critical to parents everywhere who support children with executive function challenges struggling to show their best selves.

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Press Contact

Barbara Teszler | Public Relations | Teszler PR, Inc. | 310-395-0757

Staci Burt | Publicity Manager | Grand Central Publishing | 212-364-1570

The Book

Her first book, Why Will No One Play with Me?
A Parent’s Guide to Coaching Your Child from Social Challenge to Success
will be released in 2019. In the new book, Caroline shares her proven strategies teaching parents how to use coaching with their child during all executive function skill-building sessions (as it relates to the social realm). The book offers readers Caroline’s successful “Play Better Plan,” a three-part program where children make noticeable progress while building confidence and enjoying a more satisfying social life.

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Caroline Maguire contributes to U.S. News and World Report, Your Tango, Ravishly, HuffPost, Readers Digest, Additude Magazine, WebMD and more.


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